Metro South Aircool Philippines

Standard Check Up & Repair

Check up is very important to your AC!

Your air conditioner breaking down on a hot summer afternoon is the absolute last thing you need! If your air conditioner kicks the can and you need service immediately, you need MetroSouth AirCool. Call us immediately at (02)855 20256, 0956 699 8577.

This Includes the following

  • A Complete Check-Up
  • System Reprocess
  • Test and replacement of defective parts with branded parts
  • Troubleshoot Damaged or Non-Starting Air Conditioning
  • Electrical check and connections, rewiring, and correction
  • Aircon Circuit Board Repair / Inverter troubleshooting
  • Corrective action on Error Codes

Get your AC Cleaned!

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  • The air conditioner doesn’t turn on.
  • During startup or operation, strange noises or vibrating can be heard.
  • The supply registers released warm air.
  • The fan doesn’t operate, yet the unit hums.
  • The compressor isn’t operating, but the fan is running.
  • Water is forming around the air conditioner.