Metro South Aircool Philippines

General Cleaning And Maintenance

Maintaining your air conditioner properly will help you avoid breakages, reduce energy costs, and make sure your machine is operating as efficiently as possible. After all, dealing with a faulty AC unit may be extremely unpleasant, especially in a hot environment. It might be time to call air conditioner maintenance near you for reinforcements if your air conditioner isn't producing enough chilly air or if the air in your room seems humid. Whenever you need us, you can rely on the nearby professionals at MetroSouth AirCool (02)855 20256, 0956 699 8577, to provide high-quality HVAC service and maintenance.

This Includes the following

  • Drain line cleaning
  • Cleaning of air filters, blowers, parts, and covers
  • Cleaning of FCU Cooling Oil
  • Pull down of pump motor and blower
  • Algae removal and chemical lye flushing 
  • Inspection of motorize valve, fan blower, and induction motor

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