Metro South Aircool Philippines


Services We Offer

General Cleaning and Maintenance

Maintaining your air conditioner properly will help you avoid breakages, reduce energy costs, and make sure your machine is operating as efficiently as possible.

This Includes the Following:

– Drain line cleaning
– Cleaning of air filters, blowers, parts, and cover
– Cleaning of FCU Cooling Oil
– Pull down of pump motor and blower
– Algae removal and chemical lye flushing 
– Inspection of motorize valve, fan blower, and induction motor

Standard Check Up & Repair

Your air conditioner breaking down on a hot summer afternoon is the absolute last thing you need! If your air conditioner kicks the can and you need service immediately, you need MetroSouth AirCool. Call us immediately at (02) 73412677, 0956 699 8577.

This Includes the Following:

– A Complete Check-Up
– System Reprocess
– Test and replacement of defective parts with branded parts
– Troubleshoot Damaged or Non-Starting Air Conditioning
– Electrical check and connections, rewiring, and correction
– Aircon Circuit Board Repair / Inverter troubleshooting
– Corrective action on Error Codes

Leak Repair and Refrigerant Charging

Refrigerant leak may occur by the passing of time, normal wear and tear, and /or under or over refrigerant top-up. Refrigerant recharge is not always the quick solution. There is usually a need for leak test, and for it to be repaired accordingly, before a refrigerant recharge can be done successfully. To find out what is causing the leak in your air-conditioning unit, contact MetroSouth AirCool. Whatever option is more appropriate given the circumstances will be used: repair or replacement.

This Includes the Following:

-Refrigerant Check Leak test and repair
– Parts test and replacement
– Flushing and Vacuuming Additional recharge
-Full recharge Recommendations for refrigerant piping set up

Aircon Installation/Relocation

Improper installation can cause operational issues, a reduced lifespan for air conditioners, and inefficient operation. Our qualified experts can identify the sort of air conditioning system you need and suggest the one that would work best for you.

This Includes the Following:

– Initial Survey
– Check and installation of electrical connections and circuit breaker
– Installation of Airconditioning lines
– Secure refrigerant, electrical, and drain lines
– Installation of Outdoor (Condenser) and Indoor Aircon Units
– Bracket Support
– Initiate Start-up procedures. Confirm proper freon levels.
– Drainage, correction/extension
– Wiring and piping adjustments


Let us be your partner in ensuring you do quality investment and correctly manage your industrial HVAC equipment.

This Includes the Following:

– Refrigeration and centralized system.
– Air filtration system and precision air-conditioning.
– Cold storage supply and installation.
– Engineering analysis and system diagnosis.